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The Letran Alumni Association, Inc. envisions a united and committed alumni body, devoted to God and country and totally involved in the continued enhancement of the whole Letran.


Natividad Zaragoza de Tuason wanted to become a Medico Titular (physician) at a time when women were not allowed to take secondary education. Her father had to secure approval from the Spanish Ministro de Ultramar (Overseas Ministry). Once approved, Zaragoza was accepted the Colegio de San Juan de Letran in 1890 and became the school’s first alumna. She was allowed only four years of the 5-year Secondary Education course. Her dream of becoming a Medico was not fulfilled.


The public took first notice of Rosalie Montemayor Cruz when she became the muse of the 1979 Letran NCAA basketball team. Completing her BS Accountancy the same year, her natural entrepreneurial skills led her to establish a number of successful business ventures. She would prove her leadership skills and gain respect in the male-dominated LAA. In 2007, she was elected the 51st president of the Association and its first alumna to occupy the position.

Letran’s First Senior Championship Team: 1938 NCAA Senior Basketball Champions

Letran’s Quadricentennial Championship Team: 2019 NCAA Senior Basketball Champions