The Letran Alumni Association, Inc. envisions a united and committed alumni body, devoted to God and country and totally involved in the continued enhancement of the whole Letran.


To foster closer ties, promote mutual assistance and encourage cooperation among Letran alumni, students and school administration in order to uphold the triune ideals of DEUS-PATRIA-LETRAN and to preserve deeply cherished traditions and standards of excellence.

To serve as a focal point for alumni of Letran to return to their alma mater, find cause to associate and identify with their school, their former schoolmates, and the ideals of the school.

To find ways and means to pool their ideas, resources, and initiatives toward further development of their school and the upliftment of their fellow alumni.

To provide continuity to the existence of the LETRAN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION which has been organized in 1917, and to endow the Association with a juridical personality by incorporating and registering the same with the Securities and Exchange Commission so that our Association may be more effective in carrying out its avowed goals and objectives as an organization.

To raise funds thru the collection of annual and lifetime membership fees, accept voluntary contributions and donations from sources who wish to assist the Association in attaining its objectives by undertaking fund-raising activities allowed by law in order to generate funds for the implementation of various projects and scholarship grants; and to manage these funds and assets, or enter into any kind of agreements allowed by law which are necessary for the purpose of attaining the objectives of the

In general, to do all and everything legal, moral, necessary, suitable and proper for the accomplishment of any of the purposes, of the furtherance of any of the objectives herein above set forth.


Service to God
Letran Alumni Mass every third Sunday
Participation in the annual Our Lady of Naval de Manila procession
Regular support for adopted charities and the Colegio’s community activities

Service to Country
Advocacy for important local and national issues
Assistance and support in the event of local and national disasters Participation in events of local and national significance

Service to the Colegio
Funding of scholarships and professorial chairs
Undertaking joint projects and sponsorships Continuing financial support

Membership Benefits

Alumni directory/locator assistance
Alumni information and updates
Assistance in organizing alumni reunions and other networking activities
Nomination and election of LAA Board of Trustees
Nomination of Alumni Awardees
Entry to the Colegio’s Manila campus and libraries
Use of the Colegio’s Manila facilities
Member discounts at partner establishments

Regular Activities

Letran Alumni General Assembly
Various Alumni recognition awards, fellowships, testimonial dinners
Academic scholarships
Adopt an Athlete Program
Medical and dental missions; other outreach activities
Sports clinics and golf tournaments
Annual Alumni Grand Homecoming and Grand Raffle
Active participation in the Colegio’s events and activities